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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. how do you feel about not having your bike? a 16-year-old boy special needs is heartbroken after discovering his custom made bicycle was stolen. good evening, everyone. tonight krone 4 spoke with the boy and his fort who are hoping someone who stole that $6,000 bike will bring it back. reporter: confined this wheelchair, this 16-year-old waits patiently on his balcony overlooking greenlee drive holding out hope that a thief has a conscience. he suffers from a rare central nervous system disorder which limits his mobility. he can't walk, so this customized bike he received
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from california children's services in december provides his only chance to exercise with his father. >> we walk this way right to the corner. that way he gets exercise for his legs. now he's upset. reporter: rafael says the bike is worth $6,000. it took about two years to make and it was built specifically for his son making it useless for anyone else. >> maybe they think they can sell it to somebody else or something. i don't know. reporter: rafael says he noticed the bike was stolen early friday morning. he says it's always locked up on the stares beneath his apartment. >> when i come out in the morning, i don't find the bicycle. reporter: they have filed a police report and have taken the initial step to have another bike built, a go fund me account has also been made to help raise funds for a replacement, but the hope is
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that it doesn't get that far. >> they can leave it in the street or put a note on the door. that's it. i don't want to complain about it. i just want it back because he these it. reporter: for now, he will continue overlooking the balcony optimistic the bike will pop up. >> they touch my son. when they touch your family, they touch who you really love is when you're upset and have to say something. reporter: kron 4 news. the golden state warriors came up short tonight, but they are still on pace for 73 wins, an nba season record. the two best teams squaring off. it was intense right from the start. despite the incredible season, the spurs are only three games behind them. the spurs main focus shutting own seth curry.
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curry cannot make his first 3- pointer in the third quarter. the warriors lost their last 33 regular season games in san antonio. they have not won there since the '9 50s. it's more than likely they will face the spurs in the playoffs. tonight's final score 79 can be 87. reporter: there was an intheseiastic crowd where there was a showdown in san antonio. this is like a finals playoff game. some called it the nba's game of the year. >> i'm very nervous. reporter: it had been a while since the warriors had pulled off a win in san antonio, but the warriors and the spurs are on pace to post two of the three best records in nba history, but the warriors were missing two key players. >> we've got two bright coaches that are moving the chess pieces around right now.
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reporter: season ticket holders called the front seats and after a nail-biterrened up disappointed. >> it's a hard place to win at home. when it comes to playoff time and we come back -- >> we didn't get any calls. >> the bullseye is on our back. they want seth. reporter: now, fans are hoping their team paces themselves so they have more big challenges as the road ahead. >> i want them healthy. we have a long playoff run. >> it's all about the championship. it's all about the ring. reporter: did i talk to warriors fans. they say if you're not on the band wagon f you've been with the warriors for years, you know how to take a loss in stride. now they're looking forward to the rest of the season. kron 4 news. two americans were killed in a suicide bombing in turkey. this happened on a busy street in istanbul. we know five people were
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killed. we don't know who's behind at tack, but in the last two hours, officials are looking into whether the islamic state would have been involved. turkey's been dealing with a lot of violence. this is the 6th suicide bombing this year. we're waiting inform find out the names of the americans killed. an update on breaking news we first told but in the morning news. a u.s. marine has been killed in iraq in an isis rock eat tack in northern iraq at a base where the u.s. cubs activities. several other marines were hurt. pentagon officials have not yet released information about their conditions. the name of the marine killed is not being released until his family is notified. in the south bay, the search for the missing teenagers has lasted four years and there's no sign of a body. search parties have ended, but a group of volunteers gathered in morgan hill today to look through the area once more. we were there to talk to some of the people who hope to bring
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closure to the family. reporter: volunteers here in morgan hill are searching for any sign of sierra. they say they want closure for her family after four years of searching. >> 1, 2, 3, find sierra. reporter: the message for these volunteers is clear, find sierra, the 15-year-old who went missing in march of 2012. >> we're here. it wouldn't matter what day it was. it happens to be an anniversary that's significant. we're here because we want to find sierra and bring her home. reporter: many of this group has been searching for four years participating in more than 1,000 formal searches for the team who was last seen leaving her home to go to school. although she's presumed dead, her body was never recovered. >> and we just want to keep hope alive and a lot of time has passed, but that's not going to keep us from continuing to search. reporter: a weekly search effort was called off a year ago, but these volunteers
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pledge to keep looking for sierra. they're crawling will you brush looking in some of the most desolate areas. it's all an effort to bring peace to the family. >> it's got to come to a close. doing all this for the mother, sierra's mother, and the father and the family. reporter: the man charged in the disappearance is set to stand trial next month. many of the volunteers here say they'll be there. in morgan hill, avery harper, kron 4 news. coming up, a veterans 5,000 mile journey come to an intend san francisco. >> i can see the waves crashing and smell the salt in the air and i have about every emotion that you can think of running through my body right now. >> it was all for a good cause. our cameras were rolling. then investigators trying to piece together what brought down a commercial jetliner. we'll show you the surveillance
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video which captured it all. a storm system is offshore tonight and it's headed our way. i'll let you know when it will beginning here -- begin here in the bay area coming up next.
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we have video of a deadly plane crash in russia. it was all caught on a surveillance camera. take a look. you can see the plane falling from the sky at the top of the screen there and then there is a huge explosion. we're going to slow down that video again to play for you. that boeing 737 crashed in southern russia. it killed all 62 people on board including four children. most of the victims are russian citizens. the plane was heading from dubai to russia when it went down. we have pictures from the scene of the crash site. this is what it looked like this morning. investigators are still going
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through the debris. the plane's fight recorder has been found. investigators do not know the exact cause of the crash, but they say that one possibility could be bad weather. it made two attempts at land before the crash. live storm tracker 4 showing the first rainbands of our next weather system due tomorrow. i'll tell you how much rain to expect coming up.
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a former marine's 5,000 mile march ended today in san francisco. it was all for a good cause. reporter: as a former marine, ryan is familiar with walking, but saturday morning he completed a monument al march. >> i walked 5,000 giles 400 days across the united states to raise awareness for posttraumatic stress disorder because 22 vets take their own life every day. >> when he realized that 22 vets a day committed suicide, that was one too many. so he decided to do this walk. as his mother, i thought he lost his mind. reporter: crazy or not, they were there to greet him. >> i can see the ocean. i can see the waves crashing. i can smell the salt in the air and i have about every emotion that you can think of running
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through my body right now. [ cheering ] reporter: along his trance continental treck, he spoke to thousands of people. the. >> the reason i do this journey because if i get it question, society isn't being made aware of this condition. reporter: after pushing this cart for 5,000 miles, he intends to start a nonprofit to continue the mission. >> he tends journey today. his journey is not going to ever stop for ptsd awareness. >> that's my mission is to bring that veteran number of 22 suicides to none. reporter: at ocean beach in san francisco, kron 4 news. in the east bay it has been a tough week for commuters who ride bart it won't get easier soon. major bart problems could continue into next week and beyond. all this after an electrical
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problem damaged more than 50 car -- train cars and shut down service between concord and purchasing. yesterday, bart was out trying to cheer up commuters stuck in delays. they handed out snacks to people who took an emergency bridge between the stations. at this point, bart has no solution to the problem and they're waiting for parts to fix the damaged train cars. fewer train cars system wide means tore crowded cars it could mean more cars on the road as some people avoid taking the train altogether. bart is working through the weekend, trying to pinpoint where the power surges are coming from. officials tell us there is a small chance that the tracks could be reopened by monday, but it will take months to get you will the train cars back in service. happening now one of the most wanted fugitives is behind bars. this is perris -- paris attack suspect. he was arrested in belgium
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after a shoot-out. today he was charged with participating in a terrorist murder. the legal battle is just beginning. reporter steve has the latest. reporter: the top suspect in the deadly paris attacks is now facing charges. just one day after being captured following a shoot-out with police. 26-year-old salah was released from the hospital saturday morning and charged with participation in a terrorist murder and taking part in a terrorist organization. french president said paris prosecutors will seek the extradition of him to france for trial. his lawyer says they will fight the extradition but the attorney representing some of the victims of the paris attacks believes the process will happen quickly. >> because this is under european law, it will take less time, which is good. all these families, but victims themselves, they want and need
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and they will ask to have an answer. they have a lot of questions. reporter: he was taken into sudden friday along with four others during a morning raid. authorities believe he has been hiding there since the bloodshed in paris that left 130 people dead. >> we only have some but we know that he is one of hundreds and maybe more people who planned this paris attack. reporter: kron 4 news. happening tomorrow, president obama will make his historic visit to cuba. the president's visit to havana comes more than a year after a shift in relations to the communist relations. while an embargo remains in place, they are loosening restrictions on trade. president obama will be the first u.s. sitting froze visit cuba in 88 years. lets get a check on the
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weather, rain ahead. meteorologist brian ben i can still tracking it. is it making its way? it should be slowly but surely. it's showing up on radar. storm tracker 4 picking it up. it was all out of radar range. so it is closing in on the west coast. here's a look at it. notice from the last couple frames there, the green showing up just to the west of eureka that's going to work its way in here. it won't be until late morning and into the afternoon before it really arrives. we'll see it in the north bay sooner. behind that front which is right here, is a spinning center of the storm right there. that's going to be the second part of that. that's due in on monday with another round of rain. both round one and round two don't look strong. they're falling apart as they make their way into the bay area. rain beginning around midday. sooner north bay later south bay. for monday, that's the second round that comes in for the
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late afternoon and evening. a few left over showers tuesday and then the storm is all done and will be back to sunny and warm by the time the week is out. here's future cast with clouds on the increase. we have a cloudy start for sunday morning. i've just remembered that tomorrow, the first full day of spring. so we have a cloudy start to the spring season here and wet start, too. at 11:00 a.m., there's the rain. this band spreads south and east. watch out the rain falls apart as it makes its way through. it will be done by 8:00 p.m. and then we have that second round coming in for monday. between the sunday system and the monday system, rainfall amounts really not impressive. a quarter inch by the bay. higher amounts into the north bay. for tomorrow, clouds in the morning, rain for the afternoon. mixture of clouds and few sun breaks for monday morning and then light rain for the afternoon -- late afternoon and
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evening. a few left over showers tuesday morning clearing for the afternoon. then offshore winds set up for the rest of the week. wednesday through the weekend that means sunshine and that means warmer weather with highs going into the low to mid-70s. we are following a murder mystery out of texas. it's the most viewed today. investigators confirming a 14- year-old who was found dead in west houston was shot multiple times. investigators believe the victim may have been with her father when he was killed. his body was found sunday and his burned pickup truck was found 50 miles away. so far officials have no motive. you can read more on our website. you may have seen this picture all over your social media. we have the story behind that grandpa.
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you might remember the bay bridge chicken. he was taken back into custody for a good cause. he tweeted chp rather tweeted this photo from the oakland calcium. the handcuffs came out. this is part of the safe kids event. free booster seats were given out. the chicken became famous last year after wandering into the fast track lanes on the bay
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bridge. the chicken was rescued by the chp and it was reunited with its owner. take a look at this photo going viral. it's a college student's tweet about her grand a you might have seen this. kelsey says her papa cooked dinner for his 6 grandkids and she was the only one who showed up. the photo showed her grandpa eating one of the 12 burgers he prepared for the no show guests. the internet was not too happy that heifer five cousins stood him up. many say that they found it heart breaking and re-tweeted the post almost 140,000 times. the response to the photo proved to be a reminder to make family a priorityity. she received hundreds of messages from people saying her tweet encouraged them to visit their own grandparents. it's a good lesson there. >> i've never been sad eating a hamburger myself. >> that's true. he had all 12 of them or he shared with them. the rain we've been talking
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about that so much but also it is the equinox which means -- >> i mentioned tomorrow is the first day of spring. it's the first complete day, but we're already in spring right now. it started at 9:30. >> soy guess we can say spring that's sprung. >> yes. it has indeed. >> it sprung a leak. it's going to rain. >> yes. that was well put. >> it's never a good joke when you have to explain it, is it? >> it took me about 15 seconds to get it. look, here's what's happening tomorrow. noon is when the rain will start. oakland will take a couple more hours to reach the south bay. spotty light rain, not a huge system and then we have out will another round for monday -- we have another round for monday. that will come in the afternoon and evening. tuesday, left over shower early on and clearing and for the rest of the week we are -- this is more like springtime after that, after wednesday, the 70s and sun glee it's almost like
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summer last week. >> it sure did. >> that's it for us. stay connected with kron and get the latest on our mobile app. good night, everybody.
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>> the baseball star told to stop bringing his son to the game. he walked away from a $13 million contract. family first. >> then. >> donald trump. >> insulted. shamed. was this the moment trump vowed to run for president? the wrath of trump. plus, oj simpson's life of privilege behind bars. then, you think leonardo dicaprio had it bad, her face was mauled by a real bear. >> when i saw this, i laughed all the way through it. >> and then, playing with fire. [ scream


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